Sake is a treasure.
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Learn About Sake

Enter the mysterious world of premium sake! Explore its history, its cultural significance, how it is made, how to buy it, and, most importantly, how to enjoy it!!

Sake Pirate teaches sake classes in the form of educational tastings. Presented in an informative and entertaining style, Sake Pirate classes take you on a personal guided tour of Japan's incredible beverage.


Sake Pirate is your guide.

Started in 2009 by sake sommelier Tim Hoffman, Sake Pirate is a group of average people just like you who happen to have a passion for sake and enjoy sharing that passion with others. Our drink of choice: we drink it, learn about it, write about it, and have even made it ourselves a few times.

We want you to be as excited about sake as we are! Register now for a seat at one of our sake classes and let us show you how awesome sake can be!


Sake is far from a simple drink.

Satisfy your desire to learn about sake with a sake class or sake tasting event from Sake Pirate. You will learn how to drink sake, how to serve sake, and most important: how to enjoy sake!


What is Sake?

Sake is a fermented alcoholic beverage with a long history in Japanese culture. While often called rice wine, sake is brewed in a way that is similar to beer as it is made from a grain.

Sake is not distilled but is fermented like all wine and beer. The alcohol content of sake can be slightly higher than wine, and is generally around 15 to 16% alcohol by volume although it can be more or less than that.

Premium sake has a complex and sometimes fruity flavor. Sake characteristics can range from sweet to dry and fruity to earthy, with a wide range of flavor and fragrance profiles.