Sake Classes

Sake Pirate teaches several classes designed to educate you and expand your enjoyment of sake.
Whether you're totally new to sake or an old hat, we have you covered with informational and fun classes!

Sake Demystified

Sake Demystified is great for people who are just starting to get to know sake. If you tried hot sake a few times at a sushi bar and are now ready to graduate up to premium sake then Sake Demystified is the class for you.

Find out what sake is and what it's not, what the main grades of sake are, how to buy, serve, and drink it, and more!

Explore Specialty Sake

The are a lot of styles in the world of sake. In Explore Specialty Sake, we expand your sake universe to include a selection of unique specialty sakes that you might not otherwise experience.

From aged sake to unfiltered to barrel-strength, we show you what other specialty sake is out there.

Sake and Food

Sake isn't just good with sushi and Japanese food. Italian, Mexican, and American fare are all amazing with the right sake. Pulling a juicy steak off the grill tonight? Pair it with the right sake and your guests will think you're a genius.

The Sake and Food class shows you how different styles and grades of sake can enhance food and vice versa. This is a fun class with a heavy emphasis on hands-on experimentation.

Sake for Bartenders and Servers

Knowing how to sell sake is critical for restaurants to maximize business from their sake list. Don't rely on your customers' limited knowledge of sake. Instead, learn how to recommend sake based on their unique tastes and their chosen food. Learn what sake is, what it is not, how to serve it, recommend it, and sell it to your customers.

Classes include all sake and class materials and generally run one and a half to two hours. The class size is limited to 15 people. Reservations will be held in the order in which we receive them.

Our class schedule will be online soon. If you can't wait, you can email us at